What YA Novel Should You Read Next? A Readers Advisory Personality Quiz for Teens

Play What YA Novel Should You Read Next on PlayBuzz.com
Download the full quiz and results in PDF form here: What YA Novel Should You Read Next – Personality Quiz

While static passive readers advisory tools are great for a lot of circumstances (ie reading list pamphlets to display by the YA Fiction section), I think libraries could really benefit from more interactive readers advisory services. Once anyone has invested themselves into the recommendation process (by answering personality quiz questions) they will feel more compelled to add the recommended titles to their reading lists.  A lot of teens don’t think to walk up to the reference desk and ask a librarian for reading suggestions. So, I have created a short, fun, sassy personality quiz to replicate the reference interviews that teens are missing out on.

Users answer 8 questions while keeping track of their selections, and are lead towards one of 5 genres that best fits their personality and reading style (Romance, Multicultural Fiction, Dystopia, Fantasy, or Comedy). Each result consists of a brief summary of why this genre is well suited to the user’s personality, and 4 recommendations: The Obvious Choice, The Hidden Gem, The Graphic Novel, and From the Adult Section. As a teen I would have loved a fun tool like this – especially one that recommends books “meant” for adults. For this section I chose books that I thought could provide a smooth transition from YA Novels into the adult version of that genre, and only chose novels with young adult protagonists.

I used a popular personality quiz site, PlayBuzz, to create a multimedia interactive version of my quiz. However, the site doesn’t allow for any formatting within the result text, so I decided not to include the annotations in that version. For the full annotated results, users will have to read the PDF I have created. However the PlayBuzz version is a good example of how easy it is to create a highly engaging tool that teens can easily share with their friends.

Check out the YA Readers Advisory Personality Quiz I’ve created below, and let me know what you think!

Downloadable full results here:  What YA Novel Should You Read Next – Personality Quiz
And Play What YA Novel Should You Read Next on PlayBuzz.com

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