Like many Millennials, my Internet presence is a huge one. I maintain multiple email addresses, have access to several twitter accounts, demonstrate rigorous Facebook activity, and write for a handful of blogs on a regular basis. When I saw that one of the major components of LIS 9005 was to create a blog, I was relieved – it sounds like something I’d do in my free time anyway! Once I enter the professional workforce, I will likely rework this blog  to better suit my purposes, and I plan to continue using it until then.

For the final assignment we were asked to consider linking to social networking sites on the blog. This is something I’d been thinking about doing all term. I did include a link to my LinkedIn page on my Professional Experience page – This was a no brainer for me. My profile on LinkedIn was constructed to be purely professional, for opportunities exactly like this one. However, the rest of my internet presence wasn’t created for professional purposes. It was created as a way for me to express myself and to communicate with my friends.

In the end I did decide to include a widget displaying my most recent Tweets. My twitter account is not strictly focused around library issues, however I do often tweet about what I’m reading or listening to, and I occasionally post about library related news. Including a link to my twitter account will give my readers a peek inside my personal life and my quirky interests. In my experience writing for the web so far, people are more likely to care about what you think if they also care about you as a person. Hopefully my Twitter feed can manage that.

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