Libraries and Gentrification

Oh gentrification. The inevitable machine, the mysterious monster, the impossible crawl. A lot of the time when powerful people talk about gentrification, it sounds the same. Repackaged spooky vagueness, either diminishing the issue or shifting the focus. Variations of “there are so many factors at play it’s impossible to pin down,” or “it’s an issue… Read More Libraries and Gentrification

Using Big Blue Blocks at the Library

Note: this is not an advertisement or a sponsored post. Just a librarian’s honest opinionΒ  on a wonderful product. When I first heard of Big Blue Blocks, I knew that I wanted to bring them to my library. Not only do they encourage imaginative play and physical literacy, but they are durable, lightweight, and surprisingly… Read More Using Big Blue Blocks at the Library

Student Guide to Summer Fun in London Ontario

Whether you’re new to the city or not, you’re probably on the lookout for fresh, fun, inexpensive things to do in London Ontario. Below is a directory of summer fun – from theatre performances to patio bars to local campgrounds to board game stores. If you have any further suggestions, or if you’re looking for… Read More Student Guide to Summer Fun in London Ontario