Which Dog Man Character Are You Personality Quiz

Are you more of a brave Dog Man type? A creative, class-clown Harold? Sweet Li’l Petey? Or a sneaky, villinous Petey?! This personality quiz is the perfect activity for a Dog Man fan club, book launch, or party event at the library.

In a few weeks I will be running a Dog Man Mania event. I wrote a little blurb highlighting a few activities: games, snacks, bingo, personality quiz. Surprisingly the thing kids are most excited for is the personality quiz. I created a fun little quiz that you are free to use in your programs!

I will present the test on a simple PowerPoint while reading the questions and answers to the kids. They can write down their answers on a piece of paper: either a, b, c, or d for each question. At the end each of them will get a button featuring their resulting character. As you’ll see I included the villain of Petey as a result of the quiz, and to get his result you have to chose a series of absolutely ridiculous answers like that your favourite animal is “evil crows,” and you favourite colour is “Darkness.” I wanted to infuse some Dog Man silliness into the quiz itself, and I hope that kids will find it as funny as I do.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any Dog Man characters or images. I am sharing this resource for educational purposes, to be used in a library or classroom setting.


The Questions

What is your favourite food?
a. Gum
b. Pizza
c. Apples
d. Rotten meat

What is your favourite animal?
a. Dolphins
b. Dogs
c. Kittens
d. Evil crows

Why do you like Dog Man books?
a. They are really funny.
b. They are exciting.
c. I love the characters!
d. Nothing I hate them and I hate Dog Man

What are you like in school?
a. The class clown – you love pulling pranks and sometimes have trouble paying attention
b. The hero – you stand up for what’s right and make sure everyone is getting along
c. The good friend – everyone likes you and you are nice to everyone
d. Diabolical – you’re a bad guy and you should go to jail

What is your favourite colour?
a. Green
b. Blue
c. Every colour!
d. Darkness

What is your favourite hobby?
a. Drawing
b. Sports
c. Smiling
d. Being mean

What word best describes you?
a. Creative
b. Brave
c. Innocent
d. Atrocious

Which Dog Man book do you like best?
a. Fetch-22
b. The first one! Dog Man
c. Dog Man and Cat Kid


Mostly As: You are Harold – one of the creators of Dog Man! You are a creative person with lots of passion. You love to draw, and you have unique interests and opinions. Keep being you!

Which Dog Man Character Are You

Mostly Bs: You are Dog Man – the hero of the story! You are a brave person who sticks up for those in need. You try your best to be mature, although you have a silly side too. Never stop standing up for what’s right!

Which Dog Man Character Are You b

Mostly Cs: You are Li’l Petey – the baby clone of Petey! Everyone likes you and you get along with everyone. You are innocent and fun-loving, possibly a younger sibling, and you do your best to make sure everyone is happy. Keep being a good friend.

Which Dog Man Character Are You 3

Mostly Ds: You are Petey – the villain! What?! Did anyone really get this result? You have a very silly sense of humor and you like the unexpected. Don’t be a villain you sillyhead! Do keep being funny and surprising.

Which Dog Man Character Are You 4

Download the resources:

Which Dog Man Character Are You: Questions and Results PDF

Which Dog Man Character Are You: PowerPoint

Dog Man Buttons for Personality Quiz Results

Stay tuned for my post on the Dog Man Mania event. Which Dog Man character are you? I’m an even split between Dog Man and Li’l Petey. Also yes, one could draw a clear comparison between the 4 characters and the 4 Hogwarts Houses, but it’s purely coincidental I swear!

9 thoughts on “Which Dog Man Character Are You Personality Quiz

  1. You are just the best and are very good at thinking of all the things needed and sharing all the things needed. Buttons for the win!

  2. I got Li’l petey. i thought I’d get petey or harold, but I’m very kind, most times I just make everyone smile and have alot and make alot of new friends!

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