Galaxy Jars with Mini-Lesson on Nebulae

I heard through the grapevine that my neighbours to the south are celebrating A Universe of Stories as their Summer Reading theme this year! Canadians are celebrating Our Natural World. I know some people might not consider galaxies as part of our natural world, but I sure do. I imagine hundreds of American Librarians (hey,… Read More Galaxy Jars with Mini-Lesson on Nebulae

Chocolate Olympics in the Library

When you start withΒ chocolate and add kids, timers, blindfolds, spoons, and straws…you getΒ a special kind of wild magic. I’ve heard of other libraries doing chocolate challenges with teens, and I decided to make it my own with a Chocolate Olympics Summer Reading Kick Off Party for all ages. I had 7 stations (most run by… Read More Chocolate Olympics in the Library