Hack That Painting – Program Outline

Hack That Painting is the slightly more refined cousin of Bad Art Night.ย Kids are given pre-painted canvases, and get to add whatever they’d like to the image. Do they imagine a dinosaur stomping down the mountain? A monkey climbing in the tree? Or a kraken-demogorgon hybrid erupting out of the water and eating a shark?!… Read More Hack That Painting – Program Outline

10 Poems That Teenagers Might Actually Love

Let’s just admit it: not everyone thinks poetry isย as great as we do. Is poetry in danger of dying out? Not a chance. Poetry has stood the test of time, and remains one of the most powerful, evocative forms of communication. Poetry challenges the social norm, and helps people feel like they’re part of something… Read More 10 Poems That Teenagers Might Actually Love