YA Resource Evaluation – The ALAN Review

The ALAN Review is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes academic articles on the topics of literature for adolescents and the teaching of it. The ALAN (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English) Review is published thrice annually, and can be accessed through Western Libraries, or by becoming a member of ALAN itself.

According to their website, their articles vary in type, including:

  • research studies
  • papers presented at professional meetings
  • surveys of the literature
  • critiques of the literature
  • articles about authors
  • comparative studies across genre and/or cultures
  • articles on ways to teach the literature to adolescents
  • interviews of authors

After  browsing through a few issues, I was impressed to find high level academic content, which for the most part was written in an interesting and enjoyable way. The most current issue available through Western Libraries – Summer 2010 – deals with a variety of topics including: humor in YA lit, how digitization will affect adolescents’ experience with literature, graphic novels’ affect on education, and emerging adolescent genres. It also includes an interview with an author of adolescent literature.

Although lengthy, each issue contains valuable current information. I can see how this resource would be useful and interesting to Teen Librarians – particularly those who “teach” in some way, perhaps by running Teen Book Clubs. Collection developers and anyone involved with Readers Advisory will find the information on emerging trends and genres to be helpful when selecting new acquisitions or recommending books. Overall, this is a valuable resource for anyone working in Teen services or materials. If I found myself in a teen services position, I imagine I would find it worth my time to give The ALAN Review my attention 3 times a year.

Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English. “The ALAN Review.” Athens, Ga., 1979-. Web.

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