DIY Pop Sockets

One day, a tween asked me if we could make Pop Sockets for Tween Club. I said I’d look into it. He squealed in delight. The next day I asked three 5th graders if they’d be excited to hear that we were making Pop Sockets at Tween Club. Their eyes widened and they nodded enthusiastically. Word travelled fast because the NEXT day I had questions from 7 different tweens, “IS IT TRUE THAT WE’RE MAKING POP SOCKETS?!?!?!”

So yeah. It was a hit.


FYI, Pop Sockets are little pop up stands that you attach to the back of your phone.

I had well over 50 kids between grades 5 and 8 designing their own pop sockets at our weekly drop-in Tween Club. I think this would work super well as a drop in March Break event (that is, if Pop Sockets are still a thing by then).

It’s super easy to prep for. Here’s how I did it.



Prep Work

  • Print out a ton of popular background images onto the round white labels – I recommend using Some kids will just use one of those as their design, but most kids will add more to them. I went with lots of galaxy, floral, and watercolour designs.
  • Put the word out that if kids want certain images, they will have to print them out and bring them in. They can cut them out and mod podge them onto the pop socket.
  • Have a plan for something to do after they finish the pop socket. Some kids will work on their design for the full hour. Others will finish in less than 10 minutes. I recommend having an activity or movie ready, or a hang out area with bean bags and chairs.

Craft Time

When I opened the door to let the tweens in, it was like opening the floodgates. I’ve seen mobs of excited tweens before, but never like this. I explained the procedure:

  1. Grab a Pop Socket
  2. Choose or make a design
  3. Carefully stick the label onto the pop socket
  4. Seal it in with a clear sticker
  5. OPTIONAL: If you brought your own image, cut it into a circle, and come to the Mod Podge Table to glue and seal it on.

Easy peasy beautiful. Happiest tweens ever.

Any questions? Or are you planning to use this program outline at your library? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “DIY Pop Sockets

  1. Hi Stacy,

    This was a while ago so I don’t recall the exact search terms, and some of the images may be gone. I may have found or purchased some on other sites too. But I would try: galaxy, watercolor, glitter, floral, and abstract. Hope that helps!

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