Make Your Own Movember Display in 8 Easy Steps!


Movember is (sadly) over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for next year! I put up this fun Movember Display at The Cambridge Idea Exchange this month, resulting in giggles all around.

It’s simple.

  1. Hunt through your collection for book covers featuring big clear faces.
  2. Cut out 15 or so construction paper mustaches.
  3. Attach said mustaches to said books.
  4. Print out any number of mustache puns: I [mustache] you to check out these great books
  5. Hang ridiculous images of mustached men
  6. Print out a Take a Mustache poster with rip-off mustache tabs. Expect to replace this poster daily.
  7. Sprinkle extra mustaches around display. Expect these to be stolen and worn by giddy patrons.
  8. During November you can even order a free promo pack from the official Movember organization – including big informational posters about men’s health.

I also ran a mustache selfie contest. Participants had to take a picture with their best fake mustache and their current read. The winner got the new Divergent book, some fuzzy stick on mustaches from the dollar store, and 3 mustache/book themed buttons (which I make with our new button maker). We promoted this contest on the teen library website, with posters around the library, and with promotional book marks.

One thing I would change next year is adding another sign confirming that Yes these books can be checked-out. About  half of the books on the display circulated (and were replaced by new mustachio-ed ones), but I had a couple patrons hesitate before taking one.



What does your library do for Movember? What books would you stick mustaches on?

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