An Indoor Teddy Bear Picnic

teddy bear picnic tropical

While planning summer programs, I became super excited about the idea of throwing an over-the-top adorable Teddy Bear Picnic. We have a beautiful big park and pond behind the library. I pictured doily bunting on stakes, hanging around plaid picnic blankets. “Toss the cupcake” lawn game. Cookies on faux china plates, and lemonade in tea cups. A sweet storytime followed by a parachute teddy bounce. Bright, happy sunshine. Bright, happy faces.

Unfortunately that all fell apart when I learnt that it would be raining all day. Instead I planned an indoor picnic, complete with crafts, snacks, storytime, a dance party, and a tropical scene projected on the wall. Given the rain, I was shocked by an attendance of over 30 kids. Hopefully next year we can make it outside! Here’s how I did the indoor version:


Fill the Plate Worksheet

I made this activity sheet as a fun and easy welcoming activity. Especially in the summer I find kids showing up at a wide range of times, so having an easy activity like this is great. Download the PDF and feel free to use: Fill the Plate Worksheet

We also did these cute little split pin teddies from Scholastic’s Resource Bank.



After the craft, we grabbed lemonade and cookie snacks on fancy paper plates, and then settled on the “picnic blanket.” Because of the rain, we made due inside.

Of course we read Knuffle Bunny. I had hoped to read Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but found that it is now out of print in hard cover! I was also looking into reading another one of my childhood favourites, Where’s My Teddy, but it didn’t arrive in time. I read Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, which I LOVE as a read-a-loud. I had the kids act out certain scenes with their stuffies.



I had been planning to bust out the parachute and do a Teddy Bear Bounce outside in the park. I didn’t want to risk losing a teddy to the tall wide ledges in the programming room…so instead we had a Teddy Bear Dance Party! I have added dance parties to my programs on a whim so many times. Everyone danced with their teddies, spun with their teddies, and learned what a “Cha-Cha Line” is.


Overall, a great wholesome program for a wide range of ages (3 – 8)!

What activities have you done at Teddy Bear Picnics?

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