Tiny Food Party for Tweens: Program Outline


Tiny pancakes, tiny pizza, tiny cheesecakes, tiny icecream sundaes, tiny juice, tiny spaghetti and TWEENS?! How can you go wrong? Tiny Food has been a huge trend for about a year according to youtubers and instagram. I loved Teen Services Underground’s post about a Tiny Food Party, and I decided to give it a try myself! This was surprisingly one of the smoothest Tween Club events I’ve ever done, and unsurprisingly one of the most exciting to the 38 tweens who attended. They key is having an adult or teen volunteer at every booth to keep things from getting too…syrupy. Here’s how I did it!


Tiny Pancakes

I used a hotplate and a frying pan to make 75+ tiny little pancakes before the program started. As I said to the tweens, I lovingly flipped each pancake to ensure tiny perfection. You could also make giant pancakes and use a cookie cutter to cut them into tiny perfect circles. This was one of the favourite parts of the event, just because they were so tiny and adorable and silly!


Tiny Pizzas

Bagle Bites were on  a mega sale, so I decided to go that route. I recently had a tiny dessert pizza station at the Pizza Mania program. Having a Make Your Own Tiny Pizza station wouldn’t be too difficult: tomato sauce, tortillas or english muffins, cheese. Ideally you could have a microwave or toaster oven available as well.


Tiny Cheesecakes

I’m pretty proud of this booth. Kids could build their own tiny no bake cheesecake with the following layers:

  • Crust: I premixed two bowls – one with butter and graham cracker crumbs, and one with butter and oreo crumbs.
  • Cheesecake: I premixed cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla
  • Topping: I had 1 can of cherry pie filling, and one of blue berry pie filling

Tweens got a kick out of putting the layers in the “wrong” order, and they actually tasted delicious!


Tiny Ice Cream Sundaes

Easily the busiest tiny food booth out of them all! I had a volunteer scooping ice cream into small cups, and kids could add graham crackers, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, whipping cream, or marshmallows to make their own tiny sundae. Also, tiny spoons.


Tiny Spaghetti

This one almost feels like cheating – cut spaghetti or angel hair pasta in half, cook it, put it into tiny cups, and pour some sauce on top. Some kids said it was “actually really really good,” while others said “WHO WANTS MORE SOGGY SPAGHETTI?!” To each their own.


Tiny Juice

Tiny little neon cups filled with mango juice, peach juice, or apple juice. This was a huge hit, and everyone loved the bright colours. I was a little hesitant about giving them cups that could be used as shot glasses, but it wasn’t a problem at all. One girl said sipping her juice from the cup made her feel like she had “giant hands.”

Set Up

I had all 6 Tiny Foods on separate tables around the room, with signs announcing the type of food and how many everyone could have. In the middle of the room were tables with chairs and plates. After about 20 minutes of tiny eating, tweens were full and ready to do something else, so I lead a game of Werewolf.


What tiny food have you served at Tween or Teen programs?

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