Teen Summer Reading Display

Library Summer Reading Sign - find your next great readPromotion is a huge part of Teen Summer Reading Programs, and what better than a fun pop-up display during a program to grab their attention! Its easy to create a fun, attractive design with online design tools. When promoting books to teens, its important to be as “unlame” as possible. I created a few signs using canva.com, which are available for download below.

I put up this display during a Video Game Party run during lunch at a high school library. On the table I included a sign promoting our Teen Summer Reading Bingo Card, and a stack of cards.

Feel free to download and use the images below for your own teen summer reading displays!

NEW YA Novels sign

Love Stories

If you Liked TFIOS

If you Liked Divergent

Dystopias SignWhat are your favourite teen summer reads? I think mine has to be Beauty Queens by Libba Bray or We Were Liars by E Lockhart.

3 thoughts on “Teen Summer Reading Display

  1. Hello!
    I am the teen program coordinator at my library and I am in charge of the displays. I really like these professional and crisp displays you put together! They are fun to look at and inspiring! I read We Were Liars, it totally made me cry! I am reading the Dark Tower series this summer, not sure about all of this, but a couple of my friends thought it was a good idea. I am going to check out the newest Garth Nix book though and see if that makes a good summer read!

    1. Hello Dawn! Thanks for your kind words. Feel free to use the images in your displays if they would help. What kind of displays have you made?

      I’ve heard good things about Garth Nix’s new book. We had to read Sabriel for my YA Materials course in MLIS and I enjoyed it. Hope you like it!

      1. Hello!
        Thank you! 🙂
        Most recently because the summer is so busy we have been doing lots of color coded displays. A few examples of this are “Orange you glad its almost summer?” and “Say yellow to summer!” (Okay, cheesy yes, does it crack them up and make them go “who did this?!?” totally!) The entire display is then either all yellow or orange or whatever color.
        I hope I get to read it! Its on my list!

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