Interactive Picture Books

book-with-no-pictures-coverA picture book with no pictures might sound like the total bore, but believe me, it will have you and your audience laughing to tears. The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak (also known as Ryan the Temp from popular sitcom The Office) tricks the reader into speaking in silly voices and saying some very embarrassing things. It is the perfect example of a very successful movement in picture books: interactivity.
Surely influenced by the ever growing world of apps and online games, the picture book publishing industry has seen an influx of books that ask readers to actively participate in the story. Press here. Say this. Look out for lions!
Kids of all ages love them… even grown-ups. The public library should have plenty of interactive picture books for you to try:


Warning do not open this book coverBooks to Talk To

For books like The Book With No Pictures, which draw the reader in with outrageous instructions, try one of these:
Books to Explore
There are Cats In This Book CoverLooking for books with beautiful illustrations, flaps to open, and secrets to discover? Try one of these:
Books to Play
welcome-to-mamoko-book-coverFor books that involve games, try classic visual puzzles like the I Spy series, optical illusion books like Invisible, or the unique wordless adventure, Welcome to Mamoko, which can be read dozens of times with different results.If you really want an interactive picture book experience, try one of your library’s fantastic online resources, such as Tumble Books, which include clickable, readable, and playable story books!

Who says picture books are just for kids?! What are your favourite interactive picture books?
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