Hilarious Horror Mockumentary: What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do In the Shadows posterFans of Flight of the Conchords rejoice! Show star Jemaine Clement and contributing director Taika Waititi are back, funnier than ever. And this time they’re vampires.

What We Do In the Shadows is a spoof on the horror genre, but it’s also a whip-smart mockumentary (think The Office meets Shaun of the Dead). The movie follows the lives of four vampires sharing a flat in New Zealand. They like to party, tantalize werewolves, and sometimes they like to play with their food. When 8000 year old Petyr turns one of their dinner guests into a vampire instead of eating him, the group of flatmates must decide whether to welcome the newbie into their close-knit group. Spoiler alert: he knows the bouncer to their favourite club, so they do.

Don’t be deterred by the vampires. This movie is more of a satirical take on modern life than anything else. Personally, I am not usually a fan of horror movies, but I can’t remember any other movie making me laugh as much as this did. At times there are freaky moments and excessive gore, but it’s all done in a light-hearted, satirical way.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch an 800 year old vampire use eBay for the first time, or wondered what a pack of werewolves might act like in human form (hint: they’re total bros), What We Do In The Shadows will give you the answers you’re looking for. And if you love deadpan, absurd humour, this is the weird horror mockumentary you never even knew you needed.

For more films featuring the hilarious work of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, check out Boy (directed and written by Taika Waititi), Despicable Me (in which Jemaine Clement voices Jerry the Minion), and keep your eye out for People Places Things (starring Jemaine Clement) which comes to theatres August 2015.
This post was originally written and published for Kitchener Public Library’s Etc. Newsletter.

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