Picture Book Reader’s Advisory

There are a lot of amazing storytime resources out there for librarians, teachers, and parents. Storyline Online, presented by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, is a phenomenal place to find celebrities reading picture books (who wouldn’t want to listen to Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog?). The International Children’s Digital Library is a great resource of multilingual and multicultural stories. Many great blogs put together lists of books and songs for themed story times.

But I’ve had a hard time finding a good resource  to connect readers with picture book read-a-like lists. NoveList K-8 does have picture books, but I don’t find their picture book matching as sophisticated and intricate as their novels.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any Picture Book Read-alikes out there. Because there are. I just think there should be more. Picture books are intricate pieces of literature with appeal factors that can be combined just as complexly as a novel.

So if you liked Extra Yarn, Where the Wild Things Are, Dragons Love Tacos, Thank You Octopus, The Book With No Pictures, or Where’s Waldo – boy do I have a list for you!
 Extra Yarn.jpg

For more like Extra Yarn (imaginative and arty) try:

 thank you octopus

For more like Thank You Octopus (adorable and sassy) try:


For more like Where’s Waldo (wordless picture book adventures) try:

 where the wild things are.jpg

For more like Where the Wild Things Are (classic and heart-warming) try:

the book with no pictures.jpg

For more like The Book With No Pictures (Interactive and hilarious) try:

 dragons love tacos

For more like Dragons Love Tacos (silly and dragon/dinosaur themed) try:

What picture book read-a-like lists would you want to see?

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