Giant Twister in the Library!

What’s the only thing better than normal board games? Giant board games! I have seen many inventive and huge versions of games in libraries, so I decided to make my own. And it’s super easy.


Giant Twister is just like normal twister, except instead of laying the board on a portion of  the ground you cover the WHOLE ground with coloured circles. And instead of using a spinner to  direct their moves, you use a PowerPoint (which gives you a lot of creative freedom.)


I recommend taping each dot to the ground, although that takes a lot of extra time, and makes storing them after one use a bit trickier.

I arrange the dots in colour rows, in an even pattern, but you could mix it up with random placement or psychedelic pattern.

Downloadable Resource:

  • The only thing you need, besides circles, is a Giant Twister PowerPoint like this one. It includes extra tasks like “Stand up and Swap Places with Someone Else” and “Stand Up and Act Like a Monkey.” This is a good way to reset the tangles they’ve found themselves in. I’ve found it equally successful with 5 year-olds and 11 year-olds.

Other Great Giant Games:

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