Unicorn Magic Party

I’ve decided to rebrand my all ages evening storytimes into themed party events. We still do the same things: songs, 2 – 3 picture books, 1 or 2 crafts, and freeze dance. But because of the engaging themes and party atmosphere, we get a much larger crowd. I had over 70 people at the Unicorn Magic event this month, and it was a beautiful time!

The Unicorn Song

I rewrote the words to Baby Shark to be all about unicorns. You can listen to the song and see the actions in the video above. And yes, I did dye my hair purple for the unicorn party!

The chords are C and Dm, and the lyrics are below:

Unicorn do do do do do do x4
(With the) Shiny Hair do do do do do do x4
(And the) Magic Horn do do do do do do x4
Rainbow Poop do do do do do do x4
Let’s Grow Wings do do do do do do x4
(Oh my goodness! What is that?! A DRAGON!)
Fly Faster do do do do do do x4
Fly Faster do do do do do do x4
Fly Faster do do do do do do x4
(Phew! We made it!)
Get a hug do do do do do do x4
Go to sleep do do do do do do x4
(Goodnight unicorns!)This song has been a massive hit – I’ve started singing it at class visits, and regular storytimes. Kids love the twist on the viral song, and they LOVE acting like unicorns flying away from a dragon.

I plan to rewrite the words again and again for each monthly storytime party.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 3.40.56 PM


The must must MUST read for this event is Themla the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey. I also read Hello My Name is Octicorn by Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe. Unicorn (and Horse) by David W Miles and Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima would be great choices.

uni the unicorn

I’ve read Uni the Unicorn (pictured above) by Amy Krouse Rosenthal to storytimes before. It’s a beautifully illustrated book where unicorns are accepted as real, but little girls are only legend. It completely mesmerizes kids. My problem with it as a storytime choice is that it is only about little girls. It mentions “girls” so often that it could make little boys feel left out, or ostracized for liking unicorns. What I do is change each instance of “girls” to “kids.”

Something that I LOVE about unicorn books (besides the pretty pretty sparkles), is that most of them are about being yourself and celebrating what makes you unique.

Here’s a video of author Aaron Blabey reading Thelma the Unicorn

Unicorn Mask


I took inspiration for this craft from The Paper Plate Unicorn instructions on Glued To My Crafts Blog. To prep I punched 5 holes in the top of every paper plate, pre cut some ear shapes, and hot glued a popsicle stick to the bottom or each plate. Every table had yarn, glue sticks, glitter paper, goggly eyes, markers, and scissors. This was a craft for the older kids in the crowd (4+).

Rainbow Collage


For the younger kids I had a simple Rainbow Collage. All they had to do was glue on the rainbow colours in each row, colour in the pre-cut unicorn, and glue it onto the rainbow.

I highly recommend having a younger and older craft at all ages evening storytimes. Yes it’s double the work. But it sends a strong signal to families that everyone is welcome here. Parents are grateful that their toddler doesn’t have to face a too-difficult-craft meltdown, and older kids are grateful that they can apply more creativity.

Freeze Dance

At all ages storytimes like this one and Stuffie Sleepover, I like to finish with Freeze Dance. It’s become something that kids look forward to and expect. I usually find a clean pop playlist from the current year, and pump the tunes! Whenever I pause the music, the dancers have to hold perfectly still until it starts again. We do this to fill whatever time we have left in the hour – usually 10 – 15 minutes. By the way, a room full of little unicorns dancing their hearts out is super adorable.


What themed all ages storytime parties have you tried? I’m thinking I might do a Puppy Party next (to appeal to all the Paw Patrol fans, and anyone who likes adorable baby animals).

8 thoughts on “Unicorn Magic Party

  1. I just did an octopus fill in storytime (Octicorn was on the stack!) with a similar craft (only upside down), and was all set to attempt to make Baby octopus do do do do do do work. As it turned out, we had a blustery, snowy day, and just one kiddo who wanted stories and a craft and that’s all. Still, we had fun. I love the idea of themed all-ages storytime parties. We might need to give something similar a try in the future!

  2. This is SO genius!

    I’ve been the Teen and Children’s programmer at my library for almost a year now, and I love programming although sometimes I get into ruts where I can’t think of exciting program ideas but I’m SO happy I just stumbled across your blog!! I feel super excited about upcoming program plans and I really like the idea of a Unicorn Magic Storytime Party 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Because of your inspiration, I’m learning to play the ukulele and cannot wait to do a magical unicorn storytime! How did your other themed parties turn out?

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