New Years Display Ideas

“New Year, New Books” Bulletin Board Display


I love how this sparkly, awards-show-esque “New Years New Books” bulletin board display turned out. I used the Cricut to cut out the text and the stars on glittery gold paper, and printed out covers of anticipated 2020 releases. My hope is that families see the books and go right to the circulation desk to place a hold. I love a display that is as decorative as it is informative.

  • Download the covers and dates of the books that I used here: New Year New Books.
  • The font I used for the text “New Year, New Books!” is “Watercolour.

“New Year New Goals” Non Fiction Book Bin Display for Adults


Every month I swap out the book bin displays at my branch to a new theme. For January I did a New Year New Goals theme, with silver glitter paper and glitter fireworks. I used the Cricut to cut out a stencil for the firework, which I painted with glue and sprinkled with rose gold glitter. 

One thing to keep in mind when designing signage and selecting items for New Years displays is that a heavy focus on weight loss will send a negative message to many of your patrons. New Years is a time when many people make goals for themselves, but there are so many other goals than “lose weight.” I decided to leave off any book that specifically mentions losing weight – no diet books, no fat-burning exercise books. Instead I included a wide range of topics: art books, mental health, organization, cooking, parenting, and a few exercise books about health. Some resolutions or goals that I imagine people may have include: learn how to paint, redecorate the kitchen, eat more dinners with the family, spend more time with my kids, do yoga every day, become more patient.

For example, one of my new goals is to do the splits. A book about flexibility stretches would be helpful to me. A book about a fad diet would annoy me. I also tried to avoid the phrase “New Year, New You” as it can be frustrating to many as well.

  • The font I used for “year” and “goals” is the beautiful: Absolute Pink

What types of books do you like to include on New Years displays?

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