Hack That Painting – Program Outline

Hack That Painting is the slightly more refined cousin of Bad Art Night. Kids are given pre-painted canvases, and get to add whatever they’d like to the image. Do they imagine a dinosaur stomping down the mountain? A monkey climbing in the tree? Or a kraken-demogorgon hybrid erupting out of the water and eating a shark?!… Read More Hack That Painting – Program Outline

Interactive School Outreach: aka Class Visit Magic

Class visits are an amazing opportunity for the library to set the tone for kids’ experience with us. I view my outreach trips as an extremely valuable chance to give high energy interactive presentations about why the library is so awesome! Generally my presentations happen in the school library to up to 3 grades, approximately… Read More Interactive School Outreach: aka Class Visit Magic

Pokemon Scavenger Hunt in the Library

Pokemon Go is taking over and kids are flocking to the library pokestop! Pokemon Go is the combination of so many things the library supports: gaming, imagining magical creatures, and getting to know your community. I’ve been playing the game (a lot) in my personal time, and I’ve really enjoyed exploring my neighbourhood and meeting… Read More Pokemon Scavenger Hunt in the Library