Reading Gives You All the Feels Bulletin Board Display


Eye-catching? ✔️

Instills a love of reading? ✔️

Fun, relatable tone? ✔️

I love the new February display board. This is a great one because multiple people can help prepare for it. I had a talented co-worker create the giant book, and I love how it turned out. I used the Cricut to create the letters and the yellow circles. Another coworker and I used printed out Emoji images as tracers to create the facial features. We cut the facial features by hand on construction paper, and glued them on. Pretty easy and straight forward!


I wanted to create a display for February that was Valentines-adjacent. Something about feelings and reading, but nothing too sappy and in your face. A display that would work for any time of year in a library or classroom.

Kids can experience a full range of emotions when they read books. That’s something that draws kids to reading, and drives them to read more. This display captures that idea in a silly, approachable way.

Have you incorporated Emojis into any of your displays?



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