Tiny Book Workshop – Program Outline

tiny books

What’s better than your favourite book? A tiny version of your favourite book! This fun step-by-step workshop is a great way to get teens excited about books, and excited to engage with the library. The turnout wasn’t huge, but the few who came had a great time! I had many adults of all ages ask about this program, and I think it would work well as an adult workshop as well.

While promoting this event I included my e-mail so teens could request certain covers. A quick Google image search brought up the back covers of most books. But in the case that you can’t find one, a photo of the author or a generic looking book cover could work.


Optional Materials – to turn books into jewelry:


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  1. Choose a book and carefully cut out the front and back covers
  2. Choose a colour for the spine of the book and cut out one template around the outside lines
  3. Glue the front cover on the right side of the template, and the back cover on the left side
  4. Brush a generous amount of Mod Podge onto the front and back cover. This will seal the image and give the book a sturdier feel. Set aside to dry.
  5. Take a stack of 4 – 9 sheets of paper, and cut them out into rectangles that are approximately 5cm by 4 cm. Fold in half.
  6. Thread a needle, and poke it through the middle fold line of the papers near the top. Pull the thread through, and use the needle to poke another hole near the bottom of the middle line. Sew back and forth through the two holes 3 or 4 times to secure the binding.
  7. Cut the thread and tie both ends together in a close knot. Trim the excess.
  8. Once the Mod Podge is dry, fold the tabs on the template in towards the middle.
  9. If attaching book to jewelry: use the small hole puncher to punch a hole in the card stock. The hole should be on the spine, very near to the top of the book.
  10. Glue the front and back pages of your sewn booklet to the backside of the cardstock.
  11. Glue the tabs in on top of the front and back pages. The rest of the booklet pages should be sticking straight up, unglued.
  12. Open a jump ring and hook it through the punched hole on the spine. Also hook it through a necklace cord, chain, earrings, or keychain.
  13. Use your fingers or pliers to close the jump ring.

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Enjoy your tiny book jewelry!

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